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Blood-bright basement music: DEAR CORPORATION, + Open Submissions

Dear Dears,

Winter is upon us, with everything it brings from sun in Florida to snow in Chicago. But Spring is just around the corner, with all kinds of new beginnings. At H_NGM_N, we’re excited to bring you the brand new poetry book DEAR CORPORATION, by Adam Fell, winner of the 2011 Posner Best Poetry Book Award for his first book I AM NOT A PIONEER and co-curator of the Monsters of Poetry Reading Series. 

You can read some sample poemslisten to readings, and order here!

And check out Adam at Poets.org


Talk to us! Send us your best - we love book submissions - H_NGM_N Books accepts full-length poetry manuscripts during our annual open reading period, November 1st through March 10th.

Special deal on poetry books when you submit!

Get a sense of what we’re looking for with these links to our books, our journal archive, andinterviews with founder and editor Nate Pritts.

And submit!

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And now, in stereo sound, you can listen to readings from our authors at:

Start here - listen to poet Matt Hart give a reading from DEAR CORPORATION,


Open Reading Period ... OPEN!

H_NGM_N Books accepts full-length poetry manuscripts during our annual open reading period, November 1st through March 10th


Click through to our submissions page to find out all the details & submit!


October October



Here, everything is pumpkin: dinner & breakfast, the color of my shirt.  But October is more than that - it’s also a reminder: submissions are now open for the journal!

Send us your poems, your comix, your fiction, your chapbooks, your anything/everything!

And keep your eyes peeled & your pencils sharpened because starting November 1st we’ll open the doors even wider & start looking at full-length manuscripts!

You’ll find full details on the site!


You may have heard that Laurie Saurborn Young & Alexis Orgera both have new books coming soon, from Saturnalia & Coconut respectively.  But H_NGM_N remains the launchpad of record!  

Check out Laurie Saurborn Young’s CARNAVORIA and Alexis Orgera’s HOW LIKE FOREIGN OBJECTS - two first books that dazzle & don’t let go.  For a limited time,you can get both books together for only $20.00 by clicking here!  That’s a savings of almost $10 off the cover price!




Leora Fridman / on Precious Coast

I write poetry because it makes me permeable, and it makes it possible for me to be permeable, and it makes it possible for me to think that is an important way to be.

Click here to read more about Leora’s work & then click here to read it for free, along with all the other H_NGM_N chapbooks!




Russell Dillon (ETERNAL PATROL), Matt Hart (WOLF FACEDEBACLE DEBACLE) & Adam Fell (I AM NOT A PIONEER & the forthcoming DEAR CORPORATION,) share a quiet moment on the road.  Keep up with the comings & goings of all your favorite H_NGM_N authors by following H_NGM_N on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr by clicking the links above!

September News...& Journal Submissions Open!

From our September newsletter, which you can sign up for by adding your email to our mailing list in the box above & to the right!

Welcome to Autumn!  We’re surrounded by falling leaves, by piles of new school clothes, by too many varieties of beer brewed with pumpkin.

But something is missing - & that something is YOUR submissions!  Though we accept chapbook submissions year-round, & though we only accept full-length manuscripts during our November - March submission cycle, Autumn holds a special place in the hearts of the faithful because we start building the next online issue of H_NGM_N.  From September 15th to December 15th, we accept submissions of all kinds.  Check out our guidelines, & send us your best!

Issue #16 will hit in April 2014, but you don’t have to wait to dive into our rich archive.  Click through some of our past issues to get a sense of the kinds of work we publish & prize, the aesthetic we champion.  Then send us the words you believe in, the stuff you’re willing to stand behind!

Check out the entire newsletter by clicking here, including information & updates on books by Caroline Cabrera, Russell Dillon, Nick Sturm & Jennifer H. Fortin!


Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a manuscript to the H_NGM_N Open Reading period.  We received many fantastic manuscripts, which attests not only to the vitality of poetry being written today, but the faith the community places in us - a small press trying our best to get the word out.

After much deliberation, after readings & re-readings, we have selected two manuscripts for publication in late 2013/early 2014.


UNKINDNESS by Alex Phillips

TWICE TOLD by Caryl Pagel 

This is never an easy process.  There’s much to like & admire in EVERY manuscript we receive, & several of them were manuscripts I could imagine publishing.  The realities of time & resources prevent it, of course.  We’re limited in the number of projects we’re able to take on, though we’re doing our best & slowly growing our capabilities every year! 

H_NGM_N stays afloat based solely on YOU - there are no grants, no partner universities, no sugar daddies.  We are (I am) deeply grateful for your support.  We’ve got two new books available for preorder right now - one by Nick Sturm & one by Jennifer H. Fortin - & we’re excited to be bringing out Adam Fell’s second full-length collection DEAR CORPORATION, later this year.

We’ll start looking at full-length manuscripts again this fall, & we’ll soon be open for submissions to the journal as well.




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