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Halie Theoharides

The Elephant Bell




we had this elephant bell

she never used

she left it at my house

it was her dad’s

she never used it

I love her dad

I think he is a good dad

but I think one day

he must have rung

the elephant bell

and that’s when

everything fell down

that’s when she found

the dead birds in the freezer

that’s when she found

the dog food in her shoe

that’s when she left

the note about the tower

that’s when I saw

the drawing of the mountain

that’s when she started

wearing winter clothes

that’s when the elephants came

standing in a group

I think they wanted something

or thought he wanted something

and he did

but I didn’t think

we could get it there in time

I knew I could help

maybe in a different life

but I didn’t want to ring

the elephant bell

and I didn’t really

want it in my house


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