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Katie Condon

Katie Condon, an American, One of the Roughs, a Kosmos in the Flesh.


You have never touched a woman if you haven’t touched me.


I call to you from where I swim near the shore. When I call to you, my breasts rise from the water so nicely.


Not even you can resist me. There is not a single gray hair on my


soul! Hot soul! Soul of

sweat & lipstick, soul positioned

in truth! Soul cloaked


by my bright body rising now from the river’s clutch. My soul calling you. My breasts & heart & hips sidling up in the grass to meet you.


Feel even my cheek against your palm.


Is it my clamor that stalls you? I shout at the sky & claw its ether down so you might lay me upon it.


When you take my body finally into your mouth, my soul will not return the love you offer me. I will not thank you for liking the touch of me.


I know it is good for you to do so.


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