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Morgan Parker

Beyoncé, touring in Asia, Breaks Down in a White Tee


This one goes out to

the time of night when                                       

cheeks up against

lamé                we pose

& come hither with long acrylic

let them                     all y’all                   

                    come to us                    holler

when moon rises peach                   

over mom’s kitchen table                      

some grasses bending

                                     homegirl way                   


if you could see me now                    arms up

over the mantle                    or on my back

pink heels in the air           what’s not

to love ?


you think

                   you’re something

special shawty                                    what your name is?

sometimes you change

                    winter it’s like this                   

honey                                        we need the machines to live

you know me because                                        you are

the broken chest

             where first syllable                                         cut

and bloomed                                        where mascara

                    finally catches   

we have

no time for lights

we have                    our throats our skin


I just love my fans so much                   

                                        this is how much




Heaven Be a Xanax



When people say how are you

I say good

It is a rule no one can answer

Crying in The Gap by my therapist’s office

or I am still angry with my parents

for traumatizing me

through organized sports

Dangerous and satisfying body of water

I can almost remember heaven

or Still a woman slaughtered for wonder

or Unfortunately misplaced grip

I am not doing a good job waiting

When I get to heaven I’m going

to wear my good bra

so no one can stay mad at me

I won’t have any feelings to hurt just

cheeseburgers on cheeseburgers on

deep colored slumber

Just men offering their golden bodies

And I will take the offering on my tongue

And it will not be a vault

And someone will not invade me

And I will kneel to pray

And I will address the prayer to myself

And I will be allowed


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