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Sarah Jean Grimm



A body is matter to be molded

By use of whale bone and lace or

By taking a body for long walks


There are ways to file one down

To make a body a better shape

Not this boring shrub fruit


Try an hourglass if you want to

Remind a man of his mortality


Best to become a clock

The sands of time will get up inside you

Each time you are picked up and turned over


You will always be itching

Never mind the home remedies

Some men like to have a project

To hammer away at


Did you know some women are shaped like bananas

I have never seen one myself

In the wild


Only as Figure 3. in a state-approved textbook

Because they teach this stuff in health class

To lead girls into their own dysmorphia


You are what you eat

So from now on I am surviving on spunk

I want to possess whatever allows you to be bold

Without getting called feisty


My gut reaction when I am in the world

Is to apologize whether or not I am sorry


No one’s ever said sorry to me

For making my eyelashes stick together

With their egg on my face


I am doll eyes I need a doll waist

I make a lovely figure with what I’ve been given

When I encase my body in exoskeleton


This is how I want

To be looked at but not seen


Who decides what the body absorbs

Versus what it reflects


And how are our bodies not

The most boring thing about us

By now


I would starve mine to transcend

Or shuffle off

If I knew you wouldn’t find it cute


I would stand naked at the altar

In the name of the Patriarchy

In the name of its Sons

In the name of the Spirit of Capitalism

When can we retire the syllogism

Time is money is the root of evil


We all know that women are the root

And the dirt and the stem and the bulb


We are ripe swelling fruits

Carrying the seeds

Of our mutually assured destruction


The ways in which we fuck each other up

Let me count them

They are endless fluffy sheep

Bedding me for beauty rest





I walked into the kitchen a hungry girl

And forgot what I came here for

Yet knew that I’d outsmarted myself

For I must furnace my body

According to each nutritional label

And I must not be greedy

It’s sometimes easy to forget

Cos I am so baby-baby

I live in my short-term memory

This way I make no new wrinkles

This way I goldfish when I pout

Please pinch me a flakeful of food

I must please with all my thank-yous

I remember all these rules

On a cellular level

Each ache alive in my double helix

I dare not decode them

I focus on the present

Let flashbulbs blink me brighter

I want to have proof of quiet beauty

I will tamper with the evidence

To have the proof I want to have

I swallow sermon after semen

After sermon and I am quiet

I am quiet while I harvest pink slime

From cafeteria burgers

To gloss me bolder and brighter

Pink slime takes me from now to wow

These days I only consume

That which makes me fruitful

Lush in my after picture is where

I’ll swell my tongue and drop fangs

I’ll figure out how to take up space

Big walk big hair big eyes big mouth

The better to beast you with


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