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Tanya Olson

Never Never Pants


The children across the street from me

never wear pants Mostly not

Mostly never Some do sometimes

Girl pants Boy pants

On the girls and the boys

Sometimes correspondingly

Sometimes not But mostly

not pants And one never

Hot no pants Cold no pants

Rain no pants Sun no pants

Morning noon night slide by

But never never pants


No Pants is also the waver

of the bunch Every time I leave

Arms extended Elbows locked

Hands in sync Back and forth

He’s wipers in a flash spring flood

And I wave too Back at him

Most times Not just some

Such passion Such enthusiasm

The fire inside him for waving

And pants are not

the thing that make us


But never when I return

Never waving then Waving

only for departures Who can say

what might happen out there

Eaten by a bear Abducted

by aliens Lost at sea There’s Sasquatch

you know Also clowns

Good luck he waves Stay safe

he waves Remember he waves

as I slip further away

Your pants will not protect you


Me and my pants My

so many pants Work pants

Travel pants Fat pants Dancing

pants Such pride in being

split-leggèd Such pride

in dropping a tail Finned up

out of the ocean Scraped the scales

from our thighs We only go back

now to visit Always wearing pants

How brattish How juvenile

Our terrible dripping pride of pants


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