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Dina Hardy

Yours is Everything

  *Listen to Dina read this poem.

Hers is dedication to dead brother

Hers is exact weight and material

Yours is word as hammer you swing

into parallax light


Hers cliché to say cliché but cliché

His personal pronoun verb article noun

verb temporal clause

His is cut the first six

then another six

Yours is everything is cut petals

by quinary-colored insomnia knife


Hers and his are student

His and hers are popculture reference

Theirs are slang & song lyrics

Hers is woman is moon

His is rhetorical millisecond

His is not bad

Hers is lunch order lottery tickets

Yours is five syllable pixel afternoon

gathering sunflushed desires into

swandive ink bouquet


His is letter to someone famous

Hers a brand name

Look at them

Who they know

What they see

Yours is architecture in erasure

entire city apparition quicksilver life



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