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Erin M. Bertram

The View from above Deserves to be Shared


an erasure of Michael Collier’s “Publications” listing on his website



To impart an intimate knowledge of the land.


The river.


Time & distance.


To study is to consider the sum of an infinite number of small events.


I watch dawn arrive, swirling like vapor along the northeast flank of the mountain.


Warm air wheeling across a brilliant sky.


The river emerging from a dam.


The grinding interface between two, each moving its separate way.


We must begin with the air we breathe.


I’m here on my own, squinting through a juniper at sunset, poppies, snow blowing over a glacier.


Each behaves in its own rhythm.


Nothing could be simpler, nothing more complex.


No other environment varies as rapidly or continuously as the boundary.


The oceans breathing in & out.



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