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Jennifer Pruiett-Selby



Even shadows know

   better than me.


Shapes crawl along,     routing &

trapped.          Mirror-glance over shoulder


& power down. You blink

       & I see darkness. Sleep


the couches.

 Draw self-portraits on my face.

 Write letters for you


to decipher.                   Dust divides

thought expansions,      sweep over


sketch away.                 Eat my resolve down to

labyrinth, unplugged signals,

  without touch.


Though I’m conflicted.


Burrow into deep corners,

       black holes dissolving


acidic as saliva.            A new skin &

brilliant white afterbirth,

 so stoic

scraping raw shells, rotting cells multiply


You will survive,                     speak

vacuous hieroglyphics.           Unscrew


the cap,

      a glass of dark water with my pill.

My liver metabolizes this substance


& I’m embalmed in

white calm            in this room. To join the shadows


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