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Seth Landman

Getting Away



You can go to the city

where someone lives

where the planet feels bad

and the internet shines

you are invited

and nothing’s expected

and the travel gets tricky

and you arrive later

your family is distant

no one else knows you

you’re visiting someone

falling in love

and the architecture is frothy

and the sky has some purple

you drink something fizzy

whatever you’re offered

you don’t feel your ankle

the barometer’s spinning

and the temperature’s nothing

the city is changing

and the government sings

the rotunda takes off

and the bricks and the grass

are insufficient knowledge

and your jokes don’t go over

they’re good or they’re stupid

and now that it’s settled

you’re feeling distracted

and forgetting this sentence

and trying to explain

the heart of apartments

her bed and her paintings

and here in the city

there’s a tomb you remember

coming in from the cold

and explain how it feels

to see you this year

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