Matt Hart is a poet of enormous vroom.

Vast with Whitman’s cosmic warmth but reckless

with his own outbursts of punk intensity,

Hart has been writing and performing his work among the broken dolls and mummies of the poetry world for years with an indefatigable diligence that fills me with optimism for the art.

One feels a voracious spirit that has profound faith in artifice, that the making of a poem and the making of a life are inextricably bound together and not only worthwhile but capable of magnificence.

Dean Young, The American Reader

RADIANT ACTION // 2016 >> [visit H_NGM_N’s RADIANT ACTION page to order]


RADIANT ACTION is part reading list, part diary, part record review, part prayer. He throws it all in, rips it up, and starts again. He is not above flowers or the moon or love for his family. Matt Hart is the poet who taught me that, when in doubt, ask a question.

Don’t trust answers.

Answers are dead ends.

A poem is all possibility, and Matt’s is a mouth that takes it all in.

Ben Kopel, author of VICTORY!


In long, loping stanzas, we get Black Cats and TNT, pink polka dots, Dante’s Inferno, Slayer, cherries and asparagus. These poems vibrate with sound: the live pulse of repetition, the literal and figurative blare of music, the “[d]issonant piano and crunch / of bulldozer.” But through it all,

patterns clearly emerge; everything orbits around the organizing voice,

and it’s the voice that cuts through the mess, arranging the noise into “one giant cacophonous euphony / of unity.”

Jennifer Moore, author of The Veronica Maneuver

praise for DEBACLE DEBACLE // 2013 >> [visit H_NGM_N’s DEBACLE DEBACLE page to order]


…unlike Hart’s other works [Debacle Debacle] begs for quietness. It is at once reflective and accusing, personal and political….The poems in Debacle Debacle…walk out the door and play in the yard with the dog or Hart’s daughter, they jump in leaves and shake the hands of strangers. Then, they look back through the window, to Hart on his couch, and they are angry and sad and longing.—Joseph Borden, Tusculum Review


praise for WOLF FACE // 2010 >> [visit H_NGM_N’s WOLF FACE page to order]


At his best, Hart coils these tangents so tightly around a focused conflict that one can’t help delighting in his quick, darting turns […] [He] writes distinctively from a place where “screaming [is] a new kind of singing.”—Publisher’s Weekly

Hart immerses himself in the present. He displays a dazzling brilliance for the occasional and transitional…. He […] commits himself to nailing down hard truths against the surrounding darkness.—Patrick Dunagan, Coldfront Magazine