Ashlynn Browning

The impetus for my work is a combination of autobiography and exploring the process of painting.  Experimenting with different line qualities and layers is an integral part of this process, which involves a lot of drawing. I love to mix intuitive mark-making with somewhat more calculated areas. My goal is for the finished work to strike a balance of structure and accident, restraint and recklessness, deliberation and instinct.  This is a balance that resonates with me as being “truthful” and is also perhaps a parallel for my life philosophy.

Time, memory, and desire are themes that crop up repeatedly in my work. While my subject matter references both the figure and landscape, it always contains a prevailing sense of ambiguity.  It is this feeling of mystery that intrigues me and propels me on to make new images.

I work in series and these bodies of work often diverge quite a bit from each other.  The works represented here are lush and organic, serving as a metaphor for a time of great emotional growth in my life.  At the moment, I am captivated with creating a hybrid of geometric forms and expressive brushwork, with an unexpected color palette.  Each painting teaches me something new and continues a cycle of discovery and of surprising myself. That is my favorite feeling in the studio.