Brett Price & Dani Leventhal

The work featured here is a part of an ongoing text/image collaboration between Dani Leventhal and myself (Brett Price).  It was made over the course of seven days while we were residents at Denniston Hill, an artists’ retreat in upstate New York.

This project started a while back when Dani and I, despite the differences in our chosen media (she makes mostly drawings and videos.  I make mostly poems.), started to see a major similarity between our two practices, i.e. We both tend to be collectors—of images, lines, sentences, scenes—and to compose out of that accumulation of material.  As we began to work together, identifying our habits became easier and pushing our work into new forms and territories became more urgent and surprising. 

These drawings, which we originally conceived of as broadsides, are attempts at articulating some specific states of personal anxiety, but also attempts at willing those states to be otherwise.  For us, this isn’t wishful thinking.  It’s a physical step elsewhere.  Action.  

Dani and I have made some video/text pieces as well.  In November, we’re going to print a small edition of the drawing/text pieces featured here at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY.  


[ed. note: To purchase the broadsides shown here, email Brett Price directly, tri3ending [at] yahoo [dot] com.]