Vol. 1, issues 1-6 :: (August 2006-May 2007)

Vol. 2, issues 1-5 :: (February 2008-February 2009)


Vol. 1 #1 - Brett Price.                                             Vol. 2 #1 - Juliet Cook.

Vol. 1 #2 - Darcie Dennigan.                                    Vol. 2 #2 - Brenda Sieczkowski.

Vol. 1 #3 - Sarah Lilius & Erin M. Bertram.              Vol. 2 #3 - Tyler Carter.

Vol. 1 #4 - Elisa Gabbert.                                         Vol. 2 #4 - Allison Carter.

Vol. 1 #5 - Andrew Mister.                                       Vol. 2 #5 - Leigh Stein.

Vol. 1 #6 - Noah Falck.


COMBATIVES, a bimonthly magazine presenting the work of a single author, is a print/online companion to the online journal H_NGM_N.

H_NGM_N itself began as a print magazine, stapled and dittoed in the tradition of Ted Berrigan’s “C.” However, with its move online, H_NGM_N had grown in scope and, seeking a way to get back to the DIY roots of the project, editor Nate Pritts decided on creating a new magazine that would exist outside the normal expectations and guidelines H_NGM_N had established for itself.

All six issues of the first volume of COMBATIVES were solicited directly by Nate. He sent a note around, admitting the scope of the project – a photocopied, stapled ‘zine, made in editions of around 300 in an undisclosed location to be given away for the price of the postage it would cost to mail them. Each person who “ordered” a copy would actually get between 3 to 5 copies of the issue to hand out to friends as they saw fit. Noah Falck contributed the collage covers that became the recognizable trademark of the COMBATIVES brand. The back cover, featuring reproductions from an actual US Army handbook on combatives training, rounded out the design.

Each issue of COMBATIVES sold out completely, some in the first few days of availability. Later, Nate decided to make each issue available online as a pdf, an extension of his desire that each issue of COMBATIVES would be available to anyone who wanted it.

This led directly to Vol. 2 of COMBATIVES being released first & only as pdf downloads. A fortuitous partnering with LUSH Graphics resulted in a fully designed run of 5 issues.  Editorial decisions have resulted in a suspension of the COMBATIVES brand.



Clear the way for the prophets of rage.