About H_NGM_N


H_NGM_N started in the fall of 2001 by Nate Pritts.  Originally a mimeograph side-stapled poetry zine, H_NGM_N transitioned the an online format in 2004. A print chapbook series followed as well as Combatives, a single-author ‘zine side project.

The PDF Chapbook series started in 2009 (& continues today) as an innovative & dynamic way to release short bursts from a diverse group of writers.  Then, in 2010, H_NGM_N released its first full-length book.

H_NGM_N is a way of life, a type of attention.

H_NGM_N is both action & reaction.  It’s the nexus of old tech & new tech - dittos & screens, human hearts & digital speed.

Poets & Writers, Huffington Post, Poetry Foundation, Publishers Weekly, Coldfront, Academy of American Poets - these are just a few of the places that have reviewed our authors, lauded our efforts or singled out our team as expert architects in the future of what’s happening. 


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Nate Pritts // Founder, Director & Prime Architect // editor [ at ] h-ngm-n dot com

// Contributing Editors //

Darcie Dennigan, Clay Matthews

// Associate Poetry Editors //

Albert Abonado, Anaïs Duplan, Liz Green, Nathan Kemp, Robert Krut, Heidi Reszies


Matt Dube // Fiction Editor // matt [ at ] h-ngm-n dot com


Claire Cronin // Managing Editor (H_NGM_N journal) + Director of Digital Media

// Social Media Wranglers + Publicity //

 Christy Agrawal


Heidi Reszies // Design Director + Chapbook Series Editor

Nathan Kemp // Interviews Editor


// H_NGM_N TV Showrunner // Robert Krut


// Distribution Coordinator //

Heather McAdams


// Digital + Design Bullpen //

Anna Pollock-Nelson, Layne Ransom, Nate Slawson, Ryan Spooner, Drew Scott Swenhaugen, David Wojciechowski