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Jennifer H Fortin

There was a waning & a waning to tell/waning in order to tell. Biblical snows, ices, rains. Stereotypical images & behaviors, I am sorry but there were. Waking up early morning when it barely counts. Unfamiliarity with referent. I waited first for other noises before turning off any silence. I showered, made coffee & then wrote these sections almost every day for severed months. I surprise myself by not knowing what was in control. There was a screen installed (which has now been removed) by a novice.


This is a love poem.



from We Lack in Equipment & Control


Taking liberties we aren’t comfortable with

You said my scent had changed (long before February), whose immunity?

I would like sustainability, an agreement entered into

I would like you to go eat breakfast especially hearty

I can’t be any plainer

Here was your love

Everybody can get you out of it

It is difficult to be a person

The atmosphere will save & share our searches, neurobehavioral

Use the same phrases each time, this will harden

The polluting elements,

They’re the ones you curate again & again





I’ve been surrounding                        myself



with friends, I’ve never                        talked                        more



            about friends. I like                        how                                    they stalk



            when I most need it,            February.



They eat                         with me, b/c friends know                        I can’t



turn it down.                                    We turn our                                    collars



toget-                        her, my friends            & I, so                                    the inner



                                    is the outer. One                        of my            very important friends



swarmed            my red until my             head was the very mean



                        of the woolen warm                                    rose,



            the part I believe            you             can’t                                    touch                        or



the petals at once             fall off, over-                                    friendly.



I was alright            then, at least                        for a bit, &                         immodest.











Chat Live With Our Meteorologists,

the web counsels.

About the weather, I suppose,

but can I also mention my various

hang-ups. I mean, how many of these atmo-

spheric scientists have never had their heart-

venue switched after the programs

were printed/switched the venue after

the programs were printed of one or more

hearts. Or made literal note of the pale gift-

wrapped display boxes tacked up behind the post

office staff & just wanted

to drop out of all lines forever, bareback overhaul.

If you see opportunities for collaboration, yell.






Assigned a task force: the distinct vortex is twice

the size of our largest state at this point. After you

have read the letters, hoard them between magazines,

be strong as a roll of paper charged

by possible fire, & stronger. Here comes extinction,

without warning. We went from pistols to necklaces

to necklessness without pause: no wonder I chatter

about corruption, o neck-on-the-line. When electric

light was novel, depiction of nightlife was too.

Technology augmented, augmented our documentary

with its greens & anything-but-greens. When elec-

tric light was a novel, we discovered the embedded

by negative space. I only wish there

were any inkling of your side, its meaty seams.

Let’s exchange professional reticence,

I am more than ready. Signal to me from

the battlefield, even if it be sea, with the white fan,

touch shore several times in heightened semaphore.






Scholarship the bale I trace & tie with cords,

defensive gut attitude. For once I’d like to be given a good Feeling

Faces Chart with suitable emotions accurately labeled.

Drawbacks include overexcitement/confusion

at the variety offered. Drawbacks include advanced words

below the Faces which might be misconstrued

by the viewer. I’ll select several who can’t

access the pasture without help.

We’ll check the bales for rot & sympathize.

We’ll break them, having left our matches behind,

address serial need in rounds of demand.

There are drawbacks to February living.

I’ve never performed so many lively functions & honestly

don’t want to start now. One of the Feeling Faces

was honesty, aka accomplished referee

whose evaluation no one lingers to hear.

The sanitation department is snarled up

in my snow drifts, therefore is also snarled up

in my quickening trophy.


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