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William Walsh

“O!” is part of a collection of Joycean derived texts and poems called Unknown Arts, which will be coming out from Keyhole Press in February 2011. This piece is from Finnegans Wake, tracking sentences that end like this: o! Other themes and usages tracked include the potato, one-, two-, and three-word sentences, play, pointing, the sun, worms, and more.




Derived from Finnegans Wake, James Joyce (1939)


No nubo no! Ah, ho!

Clear all so! Hero!

Very much so! (porkograso!)

Balbaccio, balbuccio!


(Chorus) Woohoo, what’ll she doo!


The general lost her maidenloo!

Seudodanto! Corpo di barragio!


Chee chee cheers for Upkingbilly

and crow cru cramwells Downaboo!

Ahdostay, feedailyones,

and feel the Flucher’s bawls

for the total of your flouts

is not fit to fan his fettle,O!


But, lo! lo! (and by jingo when they do!)

We have done ours gohellt with you,

Heer Herewhippit, overgiven it, skidoo!


Oo! Ah ho! Ah ho! Ah ho!


From quiqui quinet to michemiche chelet

and a jambebatiste to a brulobrulo!


Hoho! Andoo musnoo play zeloso!

Poo! Don’t be a, I’m not going to!


So chip chirp chirrup, cigolo,

for the lug of Migo! No!

As I’d live to, O, I’d love to!

— Your temple, sus in cribro!


From Vallee Maraia to Grasyaplaina,

dormimust echo! O! O! O! O! ah who!


No! not for jo!


O! the lowness of him was

beneath all up to that sunk to!

O dear no! Peamengro!


(O!) (ah ho!)

How unwhisperably so!

Ah ho! Ah ho!


Stand forth, Nayman of Noland

(for no longer will I follow you

obliquelike through the inspired

form of the third person singular

and the moods and hesitensies of

the deponent but address myself to you,

with the empirative of my vendettative,

provocative and out direct), stand forth,

come boldly, jolly me, move me,

zwilling though I am, to laughter in

your true colours ere you be back

for ever till I give you your talkingto!


Don Dom Dombdomb and his wee follyo!

Pilcomayo! Sucho fuffing a fifeing

‘twould cut you in two! Bedouix but I do!           


I’m dying down off my iodine feet

until I lerryn Anna Livia’s cushingloo,

that was writ by one and rede by two

and trouved by a poule in the parco!


Heigh ho!


Then a toss nare scared that lass,

so aimai moe, that’s agapo!

Thaw, thaw, sava, savuto!

Minneha, minnehi minaaehe, minneho!

Shake it up, do, do!


Senior ga dito: Faciasi Omo! Ho! Ho!

Senior ga dito: Faciasi Hidamo!

I sonht zo! And ho! Ho! Ah, ho! Toboo!


If he’d lonely talk instead of only gawk

as thought yateman hat stuck hits stick

althrough his spokes and if he woold nut wolly so!




(osco de basco de pesco de bisco!)

Neblonovi’s Nivonovio! With Dinny Finneen,

me canty, ho! Micaco! Makoto!

(the bisifings in idolhours that satinfines tootoo!)


You don’t want to peach

but bejimboed if ye do!

Say long, scielo! Sillume, see lo!

O! Great goodness, no!


Look at this passage about Galilleotto!

O! Bide in your hush, do! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Cheevio! Molodeztious of metchennacht

belaburt that pentschmyaso! Bompromifazzio!

Buckle to! Arcdesedo!  Senonnevero! Prronto!


Mirrdo! Sparro! Culpo de Dido! Yet had they

laughtered, one on other,

undo the end and enjoyed their laughings

merry was the times when so grant it

High Hilarion us may too!


Broree aboo! Ah ho! Ah ho!


And as I was jogging

along in a dream

as dozing I was dawdling,

arrah, methought broadtone

was heard and the creepers

and the gliders and flivvers

of the earth breath and the

dancetongues of the woodfires

and the hummers in their ground

all vociferated echoating: Shaun! Shaun!

Post the post! with a high voice

and O, the higher on high

the deeper and low,

I heard him so!


Whom we dreamt was a shaddo,

sure, he’s lightseyes, the laddo!












Nor wants to! Thor’s for yo!

Rock me julie but I will soho!


Taboccoo! (brao!)


Holy gun, I’ll give it to you,

hot, high and heavy

before you can say sedro!


Go! (but ci vuol poco!)


(Obbligado!) A leal of the

O’Looniys, a Brazel aboo!


Come to disdoon blarmey

and walk our groves so

charming and see again

the sweet rockelose

where first you hymned

O Ciesa Mea! and touch

the light theorbo!


Hold to! Feefee! phopho!!


Is such the unde derivatur casematter messio!

Typette, my tactile O! Nwo, nwo!


Itch dean: which Gaspey, Otto

and Sauer, he renders: echo stay so!


TheUral Mount he’s on the move

and he’ll quivvy her with his strombolo!

And all his morties calisenic,

tripping a trepas, neniatwantyng:


Mulo Mulelo!

Homo Humilo!

Dauncy a deady O!


Mahmato! Moutmaro!


— Hello!

— Hellohello!

— Hello!

— Wo wo! Who who!


You don’t soye so!


— But no, from exemple, Emania Raffaroo!


My, you do! Dodo!

Buen retiro! Hohohoho!


— Do Drumcollogher whatever you do!


Estoesto! Estote sunto!

Poo! hearsemen, opslo!

Porto da Brozzo!

To reachy a skeer do!


— Vidu, porkego! Maldelikato!


Deep Dalchi Dolando!

Ah, dearo! Ah ho!

Cocorico! Rico!

Echo, choree chorecho!

Echolo choree choroh choree chorico!


Thanks too! (Pray go! pray go!)

You miss him so, to listleto!

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