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Emmalea Russo

from water figurines



fig. 6. ocean floor


what’s ballast longs to be winged again wants

gravel then turns aerial how to    un

lock  at large                                the ocean floor

simpler         foot prints                           patient

mail               floors                        then begin

to answer myself with             what’s miniature

this deer centered in a glass bowl hears snow

show itself to groundsilence         

to accommodate fawns  dishevelment     

holds our landscape       made only of landscape

when we foot ground it’s in stitches




fig. 7. liquid stitches


a stitch seeps into what undoes

a stitch                 sea level

deer grow watching mouths

saying words                       ear the distinctions

between deer hoof and person foot       look

moonward toward fawns or fishes          

skirting what edges illuminate

in waterprints the trouble

with sharp hooves cracking sky




fig. 8. hoof movement


even toed any  gait on any gr

round the hoof is not a rigid      structure shifts

shape not so different from clouds miles away

seep joints efficiently open       in strongbodies

seep high speeds on any ground let feet  recall

types of terrain                sorry for permafrost’s

never known   green dwarf shrubs unfold vast

across water deer    their lack of velvet antlers

which sift snow



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