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Sheila Murphy

tuba is the most intestinal of instruments


tuba is the most intestinal of instruments
tuba feels an alcoholic drink prepared from juice collected from coconut trees
tuba rounds out a rewarding play as it provides musicians of all ages
uba leaves designed in a style reminiscent of the old days offering the choice of either the traditional european internal “drum” spring
tuba knows only departed by the backbone of the band with the capability of playing much more than just “oompah”
tuba looks to a great f tuba with that glorious alexander sound
tuba shuffles on in a totally hand
tuba stoops to the largest and deepest member of the brass family
tuba revives mostly filled with mountains
tuba stays in the largest brass instrument although it comes in different sizes and keys
tuba runs unique among musical instruments in its flexibility and suppleness
tuba is unlit by perhaps one of the most ridiculed instruments ever invented by man
tuba cries small in appearance but surprising due to the power and projection of the sound emitted tuba forgets the lowest of the brass and usually takes the bass line in a marching band
tuba peeps out from under a performing tubist
tuba swims in not a gimmick
tuba washes most often pitched an octave lower
tuba swarms with available
tuba leaves held on either the left shoulder or the right shoulder
tuba stays on in assisted by the open wrap fourth valve slide
tuba drifts about in the north one
tuba prolongs made up of
tuba remembers the largest of the low
tuba picks up a beautiful melodic instrument





I’d be an optical illusion if I knew where to begin. Sunshine’s new to being a commodity.

She thought at age three of bundling it into the pickup and driving to Alaska. It’s been

downhill from there, parceling out her brain smog to the villagers while new thoughts

almost swelled into an insistent closure of reality.


One begins to feel dealt out.


All the old tunes veterinary and otherwise have gone blank misted and insolvent.

Anymore it’s hard to name the planet you might occupy.


How do I know that you would call in sick? We could have emptied out our chore

drawers pretty much in tandem. I could lose this mood. We could have eloped. The

character we both liked liked the thought of that until she learned proximity of the

particulars. Theory is a brushed and antiseptic thing. Improves upon the horse of prickly



I will get back to you before lunch meanwhile go in peace to many lands while I arrange

to hide in time for your return.

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