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Evan Commander

Thank you (So much)



What is it about the fossil’s tooth

That makes us question our own dinner?


And where do we begin to see

The world we were brought to expect?


I was told to wait in the tide.

I was told it would be unfortunate


But fair. That the grounds would not

Become lost in the dunes but we will


Lose time by the foot.

I cannot see the angles shift


When the ground spins

And I still feel still.


What do we know of lost ecology

When all we speak of is new cement?


I want to know what happens when dawn cracks open

And we walk forever without tomorrow.


“You must believe the moon is not a rock.”

You said it like the ocean.



The Wind-Up Bird


I am best in Ohio in winter without you I am thinking

of you I am lost on the grounds that I cannot


find my way I am falling wholly falling for it I am

beside myself and always ready to leave


the conversation wishing I had thought more about history

when I was thinking of what to say next I am thinking what


would Kenneth Koch say no what would Frank O’Hara say yes

I am about to decide my position with regard to the ideal I am your way


there I am the one you thought of when you sighed I am sighing

I am getting beautiful with it I am calling on the fall to chill


I am losing my accent and no longer recognize my own ideas

I am becoming the man who I am sent to see with regard


to the man I am I am possible I am left magnificently stranded

I am trying to get there I am circling the temporal moon


only to set and wait and circle again I am in the grass I am

waiting there I am waiting there I am waiting there


I have decided that those who get the laughing sickness are

the ones who do not know they need it I know I need it I am


wounded and wound around I am and will always

believe that I am I am looking for the cloud behind the bird


behind the tree

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