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Samuel Amadon

Pass-Pass, or All My Pulses


Let us acknowledge there is an audience

or that the passage being read a bird



taps on a model home in Northern California

has caught hold of the first three rows of


warranting a lecture with their little bags

of looking forward from who they were


here to be onto that portion of dedicated

reminiscence they expected to include


the story of a rug delayed its fragility partly

by a pair of clotheslines, but more by chairs


where who could have a delicate thought

after hours of those around us think this


vibration would be better worded tuning

as we each have an inch of knee busying


itself closer to those changes in an attitude

that becomes more collective the less it is


accepted. Much like an unfortunate sort

of speaker. He has left his something to


happen at home, where he will carry back

what he was trying to accomplish being


too trying for an audience less aware of

what they came for than the way in which


was partnered an answer to their question

of had they even come for anything at all.




Madman made ear of necessary, of men,

the Conveyed. Some Wyatt conveyed ear

of ear. Madman made men necessary of


Wyatt. Some ear conveyed the Conveyed

Sisters rooms. Except be stupid, except be

Wyatt. Some ear conveyed the Conveyed


Sisters rooms, except Stupid. Be, except Be

was here, seemed stupid. Indifferent should

be sisters, except rooms, except stupid Be.


Indifferent seemed here. Stupid was, should,

seemed resolved. Was possible, circumstances

here was, seemed indifferent. Should Stupid


seemed resolved? Was circumstances possible?

Sound contributed remark Circumstances,

seemed possible . Circumstances was resolved.


Sound contributed remark Circumstances,

remark Daybreak . Circumstances contributed

remark Sound, Circumstances contributed



Daybreak. Remark contributed Circumstances

must daybreak greatly, being contributed.

Daybreak contributed Remark, Circumstances,


Being must daybreak greatly. Contributed

Being Men, but greatly strained, accomplished

Daybreak . Greatly contributed Being must



strained greatly. Being But men accomplished

necessary. Madman but accomplished…

Being strained …but accomplished greatly men.


Necessary Madman but accomplished

Madman of… Men Necessary? Made ear of

Necessary. Madman But accomplished.



Patriot Face



Officers protecting the general thankful

may be strong and border as criminal as

neatly as such personnel in history act


Justice shall provide roaches in congress

with cereal as a means to ensure checks

on the security of subjects to the joke


The President in consultation with brothers

shall designate foreign leaders as The Snotty

united in the intent to end Mommy


Federal funding described in this struggle

shall limit the affairs of the earth to

none other than those following goodnight


State endorsement of winter occurred

in order to identify persons with no

coats and to persuade such persons to exit


The organization cannot value Gloria

or any chemical that shall incite laughing

that would benefit the heart


The removal of the sky shall provide

the ground security from cartoon aliens

that endanger the general welfare with play


Custody of tears shall be State-maintained

and any fingertips that provide relief

shall be designated The Sadly-Criminal


For official purposes the State shall defeat

whoever harbors in good faith any love

who he knows or has grounds to believe real


The term heart shall be defined as that

obstacle to failure that provides life

and shall be subject always to air


Language Isn’t My First English


Lamplight to hornlight groans & done is done
 The dapple’s on: the grey is loose & flung
Projector’s playing one more featured son
 The earthless step up on their higher rung
 The vein you saw them cut was cut from tongue
A grind is growing gone soon over lime
The stars will show the bleed for once this time

Untwist the sheet & let the moon its way
 The race is run with rock-done-ragged feet
Still cops who come will give no chase today
 The best they have: be best they had a seat
 Our cords aren’t cut without a call for teat
Pity’s parade is short & slowly spun
No nonsense more than underspreads the sun

What came from furled to most a mother goes
 As dogs know debts will draw as paid or past
A howl is worries while a noose is sewed
 The way to go is on a road that’s fast
 When starts your run you know you run to last
What mells with milk is blue & sours soon
While father’s fight is sounded bowl & spoon

More scotch? why not: the juice will ride alright
 To dig a hole is work best done at night
You cut those feathers free we’ll see your flight
 The nest is fallen: jaws found birds in fright
 The darker child takes eggs & hides them light
The bone’s been thrown for broken teeth to bite
The drink comes on & twists my chest more tight

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