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Claire Becker

I Decide to Be Alone With the Versions of Myself Who Accompany Me, Not the Versions Who Accompany You


We agree it’s important we can

be ungrounded.

Then at the establishment,

begin to feel unpleasant.


Staring at the menu screen,

I say, Life’s a minute,

series of minutes, spent any way.

He says, But they have context.


But my context is in transition,

the minutes before & after parting.

What do I reply? A murmur

to the journalist. We get obliterated.


Was I forgetting the possible?

In the former, we were hiding

our embarrassment & looking.

Now as I said, the after unthinking.


I had written on an envelope, Ahab

feels but God thinks. The physical fact of being

one person + the psychical fact

of being more + the physical impossibility.


Next to napkin & packet of soy sauce on the table.

We know it, I remember on long days

when I’m several. Feel it, Ahab.

Think to shake them. I’m a God.

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