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Jessica Dessner

Corner Office

Mentally the door opens and I throw up
an enchantment
falling short of my prototypes
igniting the dumb guy approach to love
in the end I’ll have to love myself
but scholars won’t care

Autumn is useless
loss animates the branches
but that is all
what do you do for the ineffable around here?
well I like neurotic satisfaction
more than anything I’ve seen so far
why don’t you love me?
must’ve been a wrong number

White irises
with a deceptive air of virility
in the bees swelling around them
and just then the bill arrives
or Bill arrives and I’m on
my best behavior
to dodge annihilation
numbers too big to be real

I adore the nondescript
they say it’s real
all work done on the premises
like the sneeze muscle
connected to everything
when it disrupted your habitual dialing
you fell politely lifeless to the ground

With all those painkillers nearly digested
it was a funny spot to collapse
from the vantage of traditional narratives
of abstraction, emptiness needn’t be filled
until the electric sign goes off

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