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Chris Rizzo


for Gerrit Lansing

“Poems should echo and reecho against each other. They should create resonances. They cannot live alone any more than we can.” Jack Spicer

1. Joint Art

I go where I love and where I am loved

heroes now
and again
nothing metaphysical
about tight pants

what does a ruling class do when it rules?

dogs aloud in this
hear park

a form of adaptation

Dear Chris
let’s say

2. Napištu

All’s well in
forms swell
into their own

3. Dear Lady Jane

“You will long to vanish in thin air, to disappear in that sound.” David Rattray

Off the record in the spread

Rachmaninov will presto a leg grow just for darling

one last cigarette love in prismatic
no dopamine epiphanies

tipped on the edges of aches

great luminal shakes

Lay lady awfully cosmopolitan

Olympic she said of herself but whatever
music happening tremulous
you’re in it

touché the lip

4. Thanatos

An elitist lie to learn how to die

burn in born in momently a step
bodily home
no prison sentencing

if Socrates is a poet I’d rather live

Dearest grammatologist please give your scalpel a rest

to say
nothing’s plenty
to say


5. Goodnight Zukofsky

Primrose majolica blooms and maroon

spider whitish akimbo
treads a thready disaster

a window a fan awaiting in
other words luck
ends in guts

how do you go on to turn off
the lamp when turns
of phrase
phase no consequence

love does not

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