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Jon Woodward


They weren’t
wrong, they weren’t even
do they like you?
And nanowires, well

weren’t wrong weren’t even um, nanowires well.

They have in recent years
technology but
implementation, contingent on
funding, remains unattainable

have um years nanowire technology, on funding.

mind all
that, what about the
porous discourse around
it? That is, who,

Never all what about discourse who when?

“Nanotarantula with
heartbeat readout,
public funding, and
still life,” oil
on canvas with
collage, 2008

with funding, and oil, on 2008.

“Leave it to
Big Nano
to screw the
little guy” that’s kind of,

Leave to Big um guy guess?

Anyway, enough of that,
all being
all potential
and whatever, because
have you been?

enough of being um potential um?

I think I miss you but
it’s not your shape
holding on

I um, it’s um you hearing?

No it’s a
surprisingly ordinary
(peaceful) process,
a peace process.
You charged up
in greeting.

No surprisingly process You charged greeting?

Have me…
everything always shake
pieces, granules
global handhold gibbon
The gibbons we saw.

um, um always apart pieces global The.

Even knowing you and
being ideal for you
who drank
all that
juice I

Even you and ideal drank juice?

Oh well
let them poke
the hole in my,
in our,
we always wanted

um, let them poke, um, thoughts always.

Isn’t that
what they said to
start with?
“Hey, what is this,
sorta séance?”

that what start what this sorta séance?

Give it up,
who cares.
They already spent
like a billion dollars
on that

it who They um, dollars on that?

If adequate words
are borrowed
other languages it’s
okay with me
but not auto-legitimizing

If adequate are borrowed other but auto-legitimizing?

The visionaries run
ahead of the
rest of us
seaming up with
masking tape

run out of rest seaming with masking?

This is why all
the fuss
getting light pumping
through in
the right nanothings.

fuss about light pumping through um, the.

Totally speaking,
the grimmer
outlook goes
aft in search,
hourglass in hand,
doomsday a device

grimmer outlook goes in doomsday um.

new nanowire technology
has given us new
materials but
no light pushing
through them

nanowire technology given new um, through them.

No, it’s that
more research
is required before
important materials will
acceptably conduct light

No more is required these acceptably.

This makes me behave
red packets
at you,
a thin film
over it
all again.

This makes me um, film again.

Going around,
knees bent and
hands outstretched
in the classic
pose of “cleaning
up after”

Going knees bent outstretched classic up after?

Good for you for
sticking up for
the little guy.
like isn’t
that right?

sticking the guy Behaving like isn’t?

Well, who cares.
Let them.
going to do it
anyway, they
never give up.

who Let going do anyway up?

They’re a
of dongholes. Something
you said once really
got me
thinking about that.

They’re bunch of Something said once about.

I can’t remember.
It’s been forever since
We were
Target at the time.

I can’t um since Target at, um.

I’m tired of
all this. I wish
sulfur tetrabenzylate hexanol
trioxane di-isophenyl hexamethyloctane

this I um um um um?

They held up the
line saying
all that
Good God. Anyway
I’m fine thanks.

up the stuff Good Anyway, um.

I’m okay
now that you’re here.
Phew. That seminar was
pits I
thought so.

now you’re Phew the pits thought.

It’s all proportion, balance,
relationship, easy stuff.
I wish
could see it that

It’s all stuff um see um, that?

No, it’s really kind
of a bad
problem. The
algorithm’s all
jacked up.
What the

kind of a bad The jacked?

Here, let opposing
values cancel
each other out
Voila! Love Pie.
I wonder
where you

let cancel other out Pie I wonder?

You beautiful woman
How did you know
You seem
To know
And sand dollars

You beautiful woman How And sand?

It’s all been
For you
Daydreaming aloft there
A pie of
Reciprocal routine
A boat

been For you there routine boat.

Whatever which wanted
thus to behave calm
down I’ll
be down
just a second

thus to calm be down um.

cherries! rhubarb! cottonfruit!
candycanes! smokebombs!
confetti roses! in an
family crest!
It sounds delightful

rhubarb candycanes roses um family sounds.

It makes a
terrible sound,
science knows this
and comes
running. Good Grief!
What was

um, knows this and running Good What?

“You fool
You’ve ruined
a week’s work”
I miss telling you
not jokes but

You You’ve work um, not jokes um.

It isn’t much like
they explained
it beforehand
That was more of
an advertisement

It like, explained um, beforehand more, um.

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