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CS Carrier

Structure Mapping Theory



I’s to breathing as breath’s to godliness.

I’s to words as battery’s to lightbulbs.

I’s to poem as lightbulb’s to dawn’s early light.

I’s to C. S. Carrier as barometer’s

to barometricpressure. I’s to my father

as hospital drying at night’s to under penicillin.

I’s to the Tower of Babel as rust that spikes’s

to the mosquitoes brewing in the gutter.

I’s to to rebel with raised fist

as throat’s to dissent, its calcium, scaffolding.

I’s to grammarization as interstellarspace’s

to the organs of hieroglyphs. I’s

to Dayton and Kitty Hawk as forehead’s

to aileron and spoke. I’s to couch and sofa

as futon and divan, both tucked between

asphalt, are to the national landscape.

I’s to a terroristattack as a ramp’s

to blue tankers carrying water. I’s

to sweat that devours as hourlywage’s

to elevators devoured by elevatorshafts.

I’s to militaryindustrialcomplex as array’s

to amoebae that rupture and release cranberry

rosaries into the desert air. I’s

to the beloved, her diamonds, peroxide,

as flame, its haystack, its bamboo,

crushed. I’s to utterance, placard, as from an oak,

as boots, and are too soaked with sheepblood.

I’s to Self as if nothingness like a dried stem’s

to the earth in song, in ellipsis.


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