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BJ Love

Put Your Face Right Close to Mine so You Can See How I Love You


Today is the Fourth of July, today I am fireworking hard

all over your nighttime belly, I am making up a new kind

of American Revolution all over your nighttime belly. Look

at my flags, how they semaphore whole lives into our bodies

how they fill our televisions with the beautiful things we

will put on t-shirts and eat lunch in. I heard a good song

yesterday. I heard a good tree rustle yesterday. Yesterday

I sat in a field of purple clover and took on beestings like

an obligation, like a prayer, and my skin is red with barbs

red with you, red with everything we are red with on the

Fourth of July and I want to go back to that hill tomorrow

morning and burn mist off your body with my mouth and

kiss you like a fog with my mouth because it is my tongue

that loves you best regardless of what my hands believe,

regardless of the constitutions they write across your hips.


I’d like to amend that last line, if I could; what I meant

to say is that I want to see you in the most American way

possible, which is to say, that I want to see you everywhere.




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