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David Blumenshine

The Brunette Wink



I prefer heavy
brows to crater
by mountains over
dosing, not overdosed


TAROT the variance Magi



the hireling of completion & its theme
park reality remind me
ultimately I can’t the notion of watch,
tracking patterns tracking patterns malaise;
& the job is never done
because it is not a job, it is the impossible
art possibled as always has must simply



a shine no entry could conspire
after such an cliché I am
avoidance & be- came up a creep
in on Harmony’s bones
don’t miss the care of dismissal –
it is Shotgun in a folded bill
rolling tight despite energy,
despite energy, ritual 



TAROT the splinters your palms tree shade mine

I wanted a hawk head I could never imagine
so this is the wind up with mask I wear, my ghetto
pass revoked forever. I reestablishes grandfather
wrapped in black electrical tape, shitting chrysalis
into a golden shine

TAROT the tree my splinters shade your palms




sex but was confused by the logo
so this spiral is the happen I got
made to be weary my action is a guild
extremities religion upon me & you – the question
remains with where are sexy rich lady whoms I’d yet lusted never

I know that kiss by the photo of your semi-
smile was not grin, it is Logic
in the vein of Professional
Differentials I happen to happen to Provide;
to Divide but I never meant to be
shade, to be splinter by method
of artistic treatment concerned
horror exists & so do I
dialectic cogs, also
features make death like the alive
aware are almost fortunate enough just so often



TAROT forgive my force bridled

for the scheme to work the schemer
always has fortune schemed
acknowledged by a laugh

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