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Dolly Lemke

Hands on my shoulders


You put your mouth

on my neck


While your sweatshirt

folded around my ear


You couldn’t know

how many times

I’ve said No


For example

that boy

who cut his arm

and said


Come quick

See how deep


I came to him

and we shared

a breath




After crossing the bridge 


You will love so deeply

the moon will all together



You will look forward 

to the blank evenings,

that’s a promise


Your bed sheets will be softer,

you think


You will ration your own medication

and you will accept how insincere

you never thought you could be


Those people on which

you choose to pass this misery

will not thank you




Better than the average sufferer


I’m not convinced

we won’t see each other again


If I got better at being better

you would know

why driving you home

is so very troubling


Still soft in the light

I’ve already forgotten


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