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Emily Bludworth de Barrios

“like that on the figure in black marble”


nobody wants the sadness.

nobody wants the sadness

unless it is like their sadness.


and then it is highly desirable,

especially if it is illuminating.


i.e., if it is a mirror to your own sadness,

mirrors reflecting mirrors into a long silver hallway


in which one walks.

sadness told in a delicate way

can be described as exquisite, poignant, or sometimes nostalgic.


sadness which is like complaining

is a usually rotten type of sadness.

framing is of the utmost importance. 


to put a happiest frame

around the sad thing.




“Yonder behind that forest to the east”



As a big cat drags the

corpse of a killed thing


Asteroid carries his



The stick from the

mouse-on-a-stick trailing a hollow, pencil sound.  


Padding through the forest

of his life


snarls of pain or alarm

encounter him.


To which he reacts with

great energy,


like a splat taking



Blaring a solution where

none did exist.


Like a totally efficient



After which he takes



(grooming, napping, etc).


Becoming curled up, small,

or sometimes almost flat.


Such a tired thing that





“I! my Lord!”


It has been a life of striving.


To what end one knows not.


Having been wanting to have been

articulate good etc.


Your ideal self has always been




the ideal self is sudden and kind.


“Follow me; dark and dismal as it is,



I am five foot five



I have curvy hair


It is the color of

A polished penny


I am special

In the way that you are special


Which is to say

Not very special


Except in the sense that

We are a particular identity


Deciding and thinking

Many several particular things


Your special moments

Are occurring now


Your special thoughts are

Occurring now and continuously


But are so wispy and curve-shaped

Intelligence is so wispy and practically barely-there


Miraculous each time it occurs the sentence

Spilling out your teeth you deserve


More of an applause or a rest for having

Made it thus far for having


Occurred thusly


“The spectre marched sedately,”


Ultrasound uses many technologies,

e.g., a wand, a screen, a keyboard.


With the wand many details can be seen.

The fetal pole like a balloon appearing not to be doing much only floating low to the yolk sac wall.


But in actuality it is doing the job of growing all the time.


Getting somehow consistently detailed, and bigger.


So that it may

enter the bright world.


As a pilgrim sets out,

filled of confidence and anticipation.


So one hopes.

“with an air of firmness and authority,”



I would be a mother

not knowing what it means.


I would be a mother

knowing nothing of what it means.


I would lift the mantle the yoke

put on the clothing of a new selfhood.


I would go where I have

not been.


To be celebratory and gorgeous.


And thwarting mine own ambitions.


It is a good moment to be so ignorant.




“leaving the amazed ladies thunderstruck with his words and frantic deportment”



You wake up ashamed.


Your errors spangle the ceiling,

what you might call the real you.


To be the best version of oneself

would be to live in pure silence,

i.e., never to speak, i.e., never to say these

wrong things.


It’s very hard to do it.


You don’t have to live in fear.

Your big mistakes have happened,

and will happen again.

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