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James Eidson

O say can you see,



                        The steel hued band

Hovering above Lake Michigan?

            THERE’S a Forgotten Mormon Kingdom out there

                        On Beaver Island.

Was I smitten by an esoteric, renegade disciple of  Smith’s        (My Mormon Aleister Crowley!)

Who wore foil armor and a mirror-shard diadem?

 What’s class in the woods? A well-polished Axe?

            People, an asshole – Strang something.

Two of his followers booboo’d him — drowned him in the split cysts of his cream wounds.

Vroom Vroom! Kapow! Ouch ouch, when boo-hoo’s become ha’s ha’s of history –

                                    and, “you’re favorite chewing gum will come, will come back into style.”

Remember that one?


      I bet you do.

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