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John Myers

The Same Girl Older



Corporal peppermint and swallows

ejaculating from their nests and

under all my ostinato. By

the bay or by the bayou? What I

mean is which would bode well? Better pull

back your shoulders. The warranty man

sows his thinking, glances over to

someone’s shadow thinking it’s his. I

realize I’m one of you because

I feel the way you feel I feel. Do

give way. At whose behest orthogons

unherd in the kaleidoscope. Put

them back into the closet, second

shelf from the left when you’re done. Above

the mousers. I forgive myself my

prior mishap. Slick and even up

its belfry. My belligerence could

be yours and more. I can boast

a boat, yours, unfilled—but then I found

your torso turned down upon his.

Translucence is greater than the sum.



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