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Kayla Day

love poem #4554


i kiss you like how a forgotten painting in a pretty room feels

i’m saying look at me

but people close their eyes when they’re kissing

& sometimes when they’re not 






i see you across the bed & i want you to

pull my hair in your sleep

i want so much from you, want you to drag

sharp metal along the shut-in part of my small hip,

that space between the bones

& the organs

i want you to stop being so scared when your father calls

i want you to tell me so many

secrets that your tongue blisters

& makes everything else red from now on

i want you to make me red

i love your hands but they never move for me

they never even touch my throat when i’m talking

they don’t kill enough

i’m ice water’s daughter all i ever want you to do

is wake up







carousel where you ride organs instead of animals, i’m the heart & you’re the 

spleen, something i don’t need but was born with

you said “fall asleep inside you”

like it was something to look forward to

but i’m afraid of surgery, always have been

so when love came with her hands i took too many pills

like i always do & you got sick

of how my eyes would roll back in my head,

got sick of pretending to know what you were doing

so now we don’t talk or say sorry & sometimes i run

the blade someone left across my skin

i am feeling for something

i would pay you to take you out of me

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