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Laura Theobald

The “[eraser poems]” attempt to divorce the word from its meaning, reassigning things to more fluid, undefined concepts. It is through this intuitive act of invention that the poems traverse the landscape. 

[eraser poems]



nothing beautiful today


nothing beautiful today




plant waiting

banjo waiting

cat waiting

person waiting

door waiting

stack of papers waiting








goodmorning love

i love to say goodmorning

to you

in the morning

when i don’t know you

when you have been talking in your sleep

you say goodmorning

i check my notes

i say you said [blank] in your sleep

you say thank you

you make breakfast

i become ashamed






you say you laughed

in your sleep

i laugh

i don’t remember

you say tell me

i say i don’t remember

i sleep

i erase






you erase

you catch yourself

you see a small crowd gathered

this is day

you walk up

in the center is a small red bird

a cardinal







you hold it in

what do you hold in

what are you holding

he says nothing

he always says nothing

you love him

you look into his eyes

you forget how to just look

into someone’s eyes

you look into someone else’s eyes

you remember

you are crying


you are crying


you don’t know why you are crying

you say i’m sorry

i get so emotional

they don’t know what to say

you hope they think of something to say

they say i can handle it

you cry

you look into their eyes and cry



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