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Mike Wall

I Draw My Life 



on this cave wall

skulls & blood

next to people

I never saw naked

this is what I leave

wadded up in a hat

I found caught in a storm

drain with flowers I stole

from graves & windowsills

I leave this on your back

steps & turn off the music

to listen to the thunder

you whisper peace pipe

into a disconnected phone

you laugh when I ask

what type of fire as

if there is only one




Slush Master



I cloaked you to stand

not that I let to fall

overflowing curious

as to what the world would

move like without you

it murmurs

not that your existence

would constrict

snuffed but that

I tether plagued

by a different hurt

a different hole

I would pull so many graves

I would bind myself

instead of blood

my wounds would burn sewage

I would balk with executioner shift

into my bones

defying the holes with liquid steel

glowing replaces the marrow

I’d take the tiny cup of pus

metal into my eyes

there only water becomes

exorcisms of you

unrecognized my memory

I burn lies under my breath

under lips boils mask

I burst the king of lies

I drowned the ape of God

bought the inquisition

I porn

rain nourished






there hasn’t been time

for misinterpreted waking

monitor beep

serrated slice & smell

calloused inspiration

confused for respiration

radio chimes

a silenced voice

waste or unbridled


rendered nameless

railing against hoax

hands taxed

work inescapable focus

lamp lit covered windows

the arrangement of skin


the light of day

forbidden from

drinking of the seventh cup

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