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Rachel Zucker

[taking away taking away everything]



Once I said I looked at paintings

and had ideas could concentrate

Matisse was not an important painter


to me now less so everything less so

everything important this was

the last show I saw before 


What I like I used to say is process

when there were still things

I liked                         she is (I am not


exaggerating) bone fragments and ash

& still many countries away             Unless

you see with your own eyes they say


Get on a plane they say 

You won’t believe they say  

How do you know someone asks


when a poem is finished? I have

nothing else to say it is not

easy no other subject every


day a version of today today is

day 29 I heard the flatline

over the phone                         This is


the end I thought but it was already

over Dr. Lin said                 Do I have your

machine heart in the rain against


the Upper West Side where it is

always night for one day makes it

difficult to paint the rain                        



he said inside this terrible painting

the world goes on without any                        


open windows                         in “The Dream”

Matisse takes away the plants

an urn or vase what looks


like wings in an effort to

condense the body into essential

lines you have taken everything            


away                         I am still alive says

the painting that was never alive

Matisse said the woman becomes


an angel in violet I do not believe

in this view I am a bowl

of apples in this view I am


Notre Dame in the rain am

an interior am the drapes

pulled open pulled tight I am


the tablecloth that looks like

my grandfather’s tallis I am

the white of the cloth that looked like


my grandfather’s tallis I am pressed

flat made shapely magnolia anemone

yellow blue interior red with Egyptian


curtain fern interior interior

interior the incidental woman

now color shape no face at all



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