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Tyler Gobble

Escape Tunnel Vision



The produce gal says there are no definites,

well…besides avocados, yes, there are avocados


and I didn’t say this (my mouth of organic

samples) but here is my thesis: um, no, produce gal.


It is definite when the goats cross a certain

point they are officially out of the shed.


The train is out of town once its hollering

lets you go back to sleep. The hummingbirds


have stopped, startled by the line of smoke

leaving the woods. You are exactly half


on the porch, half with your head still stuck

in that astronaut helmet. In fact, there is a man


in the TV. He’s wearing a suit and solving

complex math equations with a piece of chalk.


The microwave beeps and I feel certain

the pizza is done, though it went in the oven.


There is such a thing as a valid question.

Where have all the good slip-and-slides gone?


At what point did J think meth wouldn’t kill him?

After awhile you begin to confuse your neighbor


with the cement mixer he drives to work.

And how amazing it is he parks his beer can


behind the truck (or is it himself?) every evening

so he can crush it in the morning. Nowadays


once you buy a plane ticket you’re pretty

much going there. D wins money at the casino.


D puts the money he’s won in his mouth.

By a show of hands, who wears oven mitts?


When a baby wails from across the dirt road

has it been shaken, or will it be shaken


as a result? It should be clear by now

I am talking about that center most spot


of one’s skull where the fact that the dog ran away

and the new mound of dirt in the yard bash together.



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