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Anna Elena Eyre



Social security numbers & undocumented

girls, women, men, boys, children

from this speaker here you will again listen to me for some time.


It is me announcing to serialized & alien from here again

for this one named Fenix

that so-named one here in downtown

across from the museum

sells art for artists & for people.


So that’s why it is me who says

Does every person out there like art?

If so, why don’t you go into Fenix for a color stroke

                                                                        or rock carve

                                                                                    or distinct mark until five

                                                                                    every evening?



from in there at speaker are listening to me.

Those who interchange form there to here

once you are here,

      & settle into this space;

whoever settles into place

      & has space to place objects

             will admittedly want something to look at & live with.


This one named Fenix

downtown, across from the museum

before these spaces are placed by objects

                                    sells all kinds of art for emptiness for artists & for people.


For these working people

so this way it is me

who tells under-the-table & by-the-book patrons for this one, Fenix.


Free & regulated

in there are listening to me

if ever some people arrive

  & if some people bring some disposable income

      this way at midday

         some people will gather some income.

That one there, for in disposable

           sells all kinds of art.


So from here it is me in this way

to erased & liberated who

announces for this one named


Some people understand

those who arrive to place

      if people arrive in space,

           they will want to place artist’s art

                   before interchanging from here to there.

Some people in there

   unquestionably require artist’s art.

So if some people arrive out,

      & want something to place in empty space

         some people will go to take art from this Fenix.


That one Fenix regularly in the day that way

sells all kinds of art for artists & for people

all these incomes want to look at all kinds of these objects.

So from here, it is me, who in this way has,

for this one named Fenix

announced to the have & have nots again.

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