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Jac Jemc




this behooveth me


this fading sorrow

these bleeding feet

this disturbed little earth


the docile stalactite of the ordinary




let the heavens intervene


thread arterial tapestries


grapple, gurgle, begin




and the pronoun fingers my supple basket


slow slow


the slightest syntax ladies upon this anguish




I’m too astonished

to whir mighty

to be several

to pearl larger

to fall




you exclaim portraits to daily faces


enough to take the stirless brain and bell it to life




another throe upon the skies

to peacock mars

to silver space




faith is put up

to estimate

the hectic crowds

of stillness




then she lay there, died a violet shatter, serene and fair




I died for dear sake

I live with polite reasons

in narrow columns





the english language

is a strange ghost

that slides round the page

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