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Jared Schickling



as the seed gathered in the soil watered

the grass grew in drawn grasses watered

like little notions going on to

 and speaking

affair’s little notion’s phrasing

corners each

bend in the spoke sur

prise the fair 

stall to my

child’s cotton

candy sur

prise wherever grows

on up his

ribbon’s pulled like cotton candied

yards from

some mouth look


 swallowed color! here’s your dollar

pick your duck and think barraged

hawker of one

still struggling ok

ok another dollar

in bondage are

these things like

waiting, paraded

like pigs and cows

this morning’s sponsored

almost over plastics tag the ears’ still touch

time us the ribbon will

end i do not fear parades

for the school’s lunch which you know

almost over was not

not pops trade

in the seed

to water in the

if we

fill you for

years, years [1]

a pocket, would

then, we’ll know

how each broke


does not do

flips for you


[1] love and a book

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