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Lily Ladewig




I want to give you the shape

of my thoughts. How nail polish

feels before it dries. There

are so many drugs out there.

When I move my hands

outside their contours the dryer

shuts off. There’s a certain drug

people take that makes them

feel like trees. I’m better

at the jerky movements.

Take me to the supermarket

of your hips and I’ll build a home.

A darkening. Some days nothing

good happens and I think

I deserve a treat. I develop

a habit of going

to the mall every day

to buy an Orange Julius.

People get into car accidents.

Keep filling the page. When I think

about that tall Styrofoam cup in my hand

well, you don’t want to know. When I say

you killed it I could mean so many things.

To tell the difference

examine how I arrange

my teeth at you. I give you the outlines

and your fists full of crayons. 

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