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Dorothy Albertini

(a guy I had a crush on in 7th grade just found me on facebook)



He looks serious and vengeful but it’s just

the army in that photograph.  They get guns, too. 

How many brains does a sitting duck have and how

long does he sit that way.



Bound: we put people places.

The one true thing: pinebox

on a mountain, towers of ashes in the air


gentle now

man in a black beret six

men in a black beret ducks

sitting down to dinner

philosophers gone to war.



Cryptic means



(secure it around a duck’s neck) (didn’t

see the antenna for the bathtub) (couldn’t

see the country for the shotgun) (lip couldn’t curl

if it tried) as clear as mud off a

duck’s back come rolling into town

on a motorcycle—you’re home—


are right, even if you don’t know what you’re right

about, 5 people give you thumbs-up



In good company:

really not trying to one-up, but

I know a lot about ducks

for instance that I walk like one.

What do you know about ducks?  We

put people places

(our friend Mike T., now a cop

woulda said Whale or

Cow but what does he

know?  Shit about ducks

anyway now you’re an army guy,

I teach writing and Mike

pulls us over when he’s bored)


Ducks in the air, shoot!

Then you said, Even the score, no apologies

Actually, you said, “half hoping that some radical christian or jew will walk into a mosque today and even the score. No apologies“

Herd of ducks, bounding at you

wings wide, hips working hard, birdbath

and your best berets as armor.

What to pull out of your pocket just now?

Arm yourself, son, for the revenge you

might want someone else to exact, if they feel




Someone’s sincere struggle:

He musta meant it metaphorically

No apologies.  Even the score.  I don’t

know who to believe.  I don’t have these problems

like you people.  Your worth against the weight of a duck.

I was thinking about their feathers.  Keep you warm and

dry.  Pine box filled with acorns, gutters with leaves, towers with men with guns. 


Someone else’s struggle:

Reasons to get in a big bird and fly,

reasons to greet the flag in the morning.

Official.  A lot of people dead.  What did you want to

talk about we could talk about anything.

Last time I saw Mike T. was playing soccer, his

Mom yelling at my Dad.  Last time I saw you was

on skateboard and now look, the internet tells me

your buddies’ nicknames.  Look, if I come across

this pond, I will come across to you.

If I come to you, I’m going to come flapping.


I just don’t imagine shooting people.  You imagine they’d say sorry if I tried?



Someone’s struggle: sincerely.

You mean it?  This is hard?  You’d say, All

I do is bite down, it gives, my jaw aches, the

muscles adjust their temper to my

taste.  What it tastes like?  Chicken.  What

do you think it tastes like?


Someone else’s sincere struggle:

He doesn’t look like he’s struggling

but I think he’s wrong.  Should I tell him?





There are always people yipping outside.  This time someone outside is yipping and I am anxious about their health.  No – I mean, their happiness.  No.  I mean their dog.


Either bring the flag in at night or leave the light on. 

I’m not tall enough to bring it in and I can’t sleep with the light on.

What’d he say? Bound, or I like that kind of secret

               Likely story, gotta watch this one – (DUCK!)

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