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Aaron Tieger





It is autumn and my camouflage is dying

faster than the leaves

Unlike leaves I am back

on the stick, starting


this beginning

sequel unfolding

slowly, wind

& rain clearing, ambience

clearly shining





Lost in the necropolis

wind tears a branch

of something, a view

so far, perspective

in the raw

unexpectedly seen

the day is waiting





Another bright & grey day

gutter drips on single-sort bins


walking with a cane: nostalgia

of the dandy vs.

nostalgia for the dandy


in a season of death, air smells

like mulch, feeling good

about the time change





Deep in the heart of the brain

red sky turns black

empty window stares back

phone light in the dark

wireless hush


Lots of thoughts

a name (like)

a chain


Hours till December

sky stretches textured

blue curls go black

autumn is your last chance


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