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Travis Kurowski

Lines taken from the first issues of famous superhero comics

Once, I built a great machine (II)



It’s time for the world to meet the invisible girl, so now I return to the machine. DNA-based processing. Redundant intelligence centers. Transuniversal point-to-point data streaming. An unholy temple of science. The room becomes busy with the usual police routine. You can’t put an atomic bomb on probation. Those words in the sky, those scattered reports of monsters walking the streets. Fantasy as you like it.




Once, I built a great machine (VII)




The machine is keeping me alive. It’s as though nature made all my senses more powerful—running my finger over the page and feeling the impression of the ink. Next to Wong-chu other men are but fleas. The Riviera was a real drag till you showed up, Darling.


I don’t see any volcano. I was made miserable by my companions from the time of my first memory. The slowest man on Earth, a walkin’ snowman, a guy with wings, Macro the Monster, reverse magnetism. If you want to play with art, you must make yourself an impossible target. A gunshot destroys the silence, but the swimmer eludes them.


Well, Herr Strangler, everything is in readiness, every chemical known to man is here—here we stay, unsuspected. They don’t dream of looking up here in the shadows. Nothing can touch me as I walk to my objective. One of democracy’s silent sentinels, his heart aches for the thrills of the baseball diamond and the gridiron, until the mighty electronic body begins.


Amuse yourself while you still can. The Beast is here. Your prison will be the earth. He doesn’t know I anticipated his return. When the doomed American’s condition becomes critical, you print your paper right in your home. You should live as long as the iron body operates, making believe you killed them with your eyes.

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