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Betsy Brown

Doors at 11


I fixed the back yard

by installing a fence.

This was a couple years ago.

I’m not exactly handy.

But it stopped the neighbors,

who hated me.

I don’t always know

what’s going to break next.

I’ve had a few strange

situations. Remember

when I hung up on you?

Remember when you

moved back East? Something

about the names you got called.

There were lots of moves

after that. People get older.

People get smarter.

I had to get a better roof.

There was this situation

with a squirrel.

I try to keep up. It’s hard

to know what’s the next

right thing, though.

Isn’t it? I read the paper.

I read this electronic stuff.

I listen between the lines,

and sometimes I forget

to hear the actual lines.

The snow is already falling

this year, and I’m sitting,

freezing, in a t-shirt.

I remember your saying to me,

the news will not come to you

from a reliable source.

I remember this pissing me off.

But that’s okay. I guess

it’ll open up someday.

I’m still listening.


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