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Caroline Crew

singular spectrum


also it was engaging when you said

You only put red in your poems

But what other colour is there

that could possibly matter?


When I lie prone in the desert

the oasis I build will be red

and the vultures above it


likewise I ask you to fuck me

outside so I can think the jigsaw

canopy red because your ceiling

is much too settled


When you stretch in the aftermath

you can have whatever colour you want

blurted across your eyelids

I am not asking for much


I am asking to be gentled

You may have my colours

but my colour is only red




delivery service


The great thing is actually not

volcanoes or the day’s end unending

Right now what is great is unavailable


but you can still send a message

What I want isn’t here

I went into the field looking

and found small grasses weeping for me


I asked them for a little silence

You can’t swallow

what you haven’t earned


Nothing was available

when I returned

The trunk was also empty

Whatever was spawned there

went looking, too


You can’t want inside shapes

they got ruined when we burnt the house

and forgot to unpack the boxes

which we had left inside


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