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Micah Ballard



East Bay


Trombone Shorty

here and there pinches

I came from a long line

of women, cash only

& all of the concentric

spheres of course

on behalf of the rest

this captioning

is made available by memory

riffs and victim history

pale copies of what

a moth might see

prior to them I was never

able to reach appropriate

embodiment until now

sorry I’m late, all morning

it’s been innocent flames

from the waist up

let me cross without looking

you know how long it takes

a space occupied by use

& the first rays since





It starts

with a conviction

to skim the outro

& bootleg the exits

collected blurbs

with the hand of Shiva

pulsing along

I dragged one thru his mirror

into a kind of altar

fools gold under dark eyeliner

turns out you begin

just as before

gangly and a bit resigned

a hostess of hyperbole

with half halos

& gun splashes of the same

there are so many others

at their best discovery

gently discarded still lifes

& the union of every

in a clear crystal ashtray


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