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Samantha McCormick

The Whole Mess… Almost


I lay, watching, under bushes across the street

as a madman named Greg

throws interesting creatures

out of a sixth floor window.


I hear him screaming at these things

and watch them pile up.

I’m dumb in my spying.

Falling to shambles

as these things continuously splatter

to earth.



the street goes still

and I watch

in horror

as out falls what I know

must be Beauty.

I cannot tell you how I know her

for I cannot say that we have ever been

formally introduced.

I must know her from all the stories

I was told as a child –

stories about heroes, about love.

I see her

in all her glorious anomaly

hurtling like a rag doll

and I want to have my little brother

with me

to remind me that wretched men

Are also lonely men.

That humans are kind

even if they need to be reminded


“You need to be patient, Sam”

he says to me

when my passions come ripping apart

hurting my insides.

I always need to be reminded

of those stories

in which I could envision myself

the hero,

one that rescues the Beauty.


I look at the pile on the ground.

My heart jumps behind my eyes

as the center of our earth

pulls her down.

I leap from hiding

to try

and save her,

to be the hero.

And in this instant

the same crazed lunatic who let her fall

rushes to save her from death.

From where I stand,

I can see him breathing

heavy and shaking.

He speaks to her,

in a voice I cannot hear

as he sets her on her feet and

with the most heartbreaking nod

she leaves us

empty handed on the street.


Greg makes his way back up the stairs,

but I cannot watch this madness anymore

and I move on.

Recall how close she came

to being destroyed,

which may have been

more beautiful

than having to watch her

walk away.

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