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Get it in print or as an ebook :: 118 pages :: 8” x 5” :: $14.95


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Alexis Orgera’s poems perpetually, vitally involve the reconceiving and reenacting of the means of intimacy even as they say again and again, I can no longer be myself.  These are love poems between strangers who may for a moment celebrate and endure recognition; their voice is arch, angelic and at odds with itself, mercurial in its metaphoric riches, captivating in improvisational zeal, beautiful, and impossible not to love.

—Dean Young

Like foreign objects, Orgera’s poems cannot be easily pinned down: they retort, morph, disarm and shimmy, arcing through us like searchlights, as they illumine both fissures in language and in bodies. From doppelgangers to occult investigators, animalia to marginalia, telegrams to psychic readings, her poems pulse with displacement and transfigurement. Focal points are the “Illuminator” and “Dress” series as these accentuate the book’s lightning storm quality, a disquieting dazzle. Although Orgera writes, “He buried his head between her legs/to make her sing. But there was no song/in her,” she leaves this reader flared with longing and music.

—Simone Muench






Alexis Orgera was born in Connecticut, raised on the South Carolina coast, and ping-ponged the last decade between Boston and Los Angeles. A graduate of Emerson College’s MFA program in creative writing, she is the author of two chapbooks, Illuminatrix (Forklift Ink, 2009) and Dear Friends, The Birds Were Wonderful! (Blue Hour Press, 2009). She currently lives in Florida where she works at her alma mater, New College of Florida, and edits New CollAge magazine.