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BOOKS >>>  Adam Fell.  I AM NOT A PIONEER.

Winner of the 2011 Posner Poetry Book Award! 

 Get it in print or as an ebook :: 100 pages :: 8 x 5


 Adam Fell is a break-the-mold original, poet of the strip mall and the lakeshore, bard of Pabst and gas stations and gutted cigarette machines.  His brave and quirky poems hum and crackle off the page; they wrangle with the violence in contemporary American society without wavering.

Erika Meitner


“I am the mash’d fireman with breast-bone broken,” wrote Walt Whitman from amid the unsolved arson case of the nineteenth century. Now, from under the charred rubble of a new millennium, Adam Fell calls out to search parties and marauding zombies alike: “I am not a pioneer.”  Through the smoldering embers of ruin, however, we glimpse new forms of ardor.

Srikanth Reddy


Adam Fell’s I Am Not a Pioneer whispers right up against you and riots in your ear, “Even killing machines have to lick their cubs clean./Even men have to be emptied of their stadiums.”  Heartfelt— and breaking—it’s the blueprint for what happens next and forever: bomb shelter, survival manual, a way to stay attached to the people you love.

Matt Hart



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Adam Fell was born and raised in Burlington, Wisconsin, and holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.  He lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he teaches at Edgewood College.